Colorado Archery Elk Hunting

Join us at AEI Guide and Outfitter for your archery elk hunt in Colorado! Since 1984 AEI Guide and Outfitter has been guiding archery elk hunters through the Colorado high country for the ultimate encounter with a monster bull elk. Our success rate on guided hunts is unrivaled with a 70% shot opportunity. 

Archery and Guide Options

Join AEI Guide and Outfitter for an amazing adventure! We are prepared to hike you deep into wild elk country or to set you up in established stand sites. Our guides will ensure you a first class hunt and we promise to work as hard to give you the best opportunity at success. If you are fortunate to harvest an animal, your guide, along with AEI Guide and Outfitter staff, will field dress and pack your animal out for you. Gunnison offers quality meat processing and taxidermy services to get your trophy ready for travel. 

Fully-Guided Archery Elk Hunt
Our fully-guided elk hunts gives you the opportunity to hunt one-on-one or one-on-two with an experienced Colorado elk guide. This hunt takes place on nearly 360,000 acres of Gunnison National Forest and the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. 

Semi-Guided Archery Elk Hunt
The semi-guided hunt allows you to hunt on established stands and blinds on both private (~2,000 acres) and public lands. This is a stand-hunt only, but we provide transportation to and from stand locations each hunt.

Self-Guided Archery Elk Hunt
For more experienced hunters, the non-guided hunt is another option. Be prepared to accept the challenge of the unpredictable Rocky Mountain weather and hunt hard from dawn to dusk. We will look over maps with you and point you in the right direciton. This hunt takes place on nearly 360,000 acres of Gunnison National Forest and the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. 

* All of our hunting options include food, lodging and pack-out services! 


*Archery Tags in CO GMU 55 are by drawing only. Although it is an easy tag to draw, you must submit a drawing application before the deadline in early April of each year. See below for more information. 


Hunting Packages, Dates & Rates

5 Day Hunting Packages

All elk hunts are for 5 days and include a 8-day food and lodging package. 

Archery Dates 2017

Week 1: August 26-30
Week 2: September 2-6
Week 3: September 9-13 (coincides with Muzzleloader season)
Week 4: September 18-22

Guided                          Semi-Guided        Self-Guided
1 X 2     $3,900/pp          $3,000/pp             $2,000/pp
1 X 1     $4,400/pp

Archery Dates 2018

Week 1: August 25-29
Week 2: September 1-5
Week 3: September 8-12 (coincides with Muzzleloader season)
Week 4: September 17-21

Guided                          Semi-Guided        Self-Guided
1 X 2     $4,000/pp          $3,000/pp             $2,000/pp
1 X 1     $4,800/pp

Group Rate
Four or more hunters, $300 off per person. Non-Hunters: $750 per person Archery Licenses are available by drawing only, please see below.

*Prices do not include liscense fees or gratuity. 

*All hunts require a deposit of 1/3 the total cost of the hunt.


GMU 55 tags are limited, therefore you must apply for the tag by the draw deadline in April each year. However, the tags do not currently take any preference points to draw if you apply as 1st choice. You also have a decent chance to draw an archery elk tag on 2nd choice if you are building elk preference points and don't want to burn your points. Tags are available through the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife. You can apply for your tag online or call to request an application. We can assist you in this process upon request. The deadline for applications is the first Tuesday in April of each year.


To make a hunt reservation, we require a deposit of one-third the total hunt cost. The second payment is due by June 15 and final payment is due 30 days prior to the start of your hunt. Deposits are non-refundable. Please be aware that any person born in 1949 or after must have a current Hunter Safety Card to purchase a hunting license in CO.

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John Andriulli (Archery Elk)
South Hampton, NJ

Jeff Pruski (Archery Elk)
Huntsville, TX

Todd Voelker (Archery Elk)
Dayton, OH

Kent Giffin (Archery Elk)
Witchita, KS

Butch Novak (Archery Elk)
Corapolis, PA

Adam Halbert (Archery Elk)
Rusk, TX

Marcus Withey (Archery Elk)
Maple Park, IL

Terry Renoux (Archery Elk)
Somervile, TN