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Colorado Big Game Hunts

Are you tired of sitting around the table talking to your friends about the day you will finally take that anticipated big game hunting trip? Are you tired of leafing through a Colorado hunting guide looking for hunting outfitters of Colorado in hopes of someday realizing your dream of a big game hunt? Stop talking and leafing, and get serious about finding a Colorado hunting guide who can help you realize your dream.

Of the many hunting outfitters of Colorado, at Adventure Experience, Inc., we are one of many Colorado hunting outfitters waiting to introduce you to the best big game hunting experience imaginable. Tim Kempfe, owner/manager of AEI, has over 25 years experience in the wild outdoors of Colorado. He and his team assure you of a well-organized, professional experience.

The base camp, nestled within the Rocky Mountains at 10,000 feet above sea level, offers excellent hunting opportunities for elk, deer, mule deer, and mountain goats. To top off your successful big game hunt, you will not only have the help necessary to haul your trophy out, but you will find professional processing plants in nearby Gunnison to prepare it for the trip home.

So, if you want to realize your dream, check out AEI, one of the best Colorado hunting outfitters. If you’d like more information about a guided, or semi-guided, big game hunt in beautiful, wild Colorado, e-mail us.

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