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Guided Moose Hunting in Colorado

Shiras Moose Hunting in Colorado

Shiras Moose Hunting with AEI Outfitter

Guided Colorado Shiras Moose Hunting

Colorado hosts some of the best shiras moose hunting in the west. Our central Colorado area (unit 55) grows true Shiras giants. Since the reintroduction of moose to this part of the state in the early 2000's, the moose population has thrived and grown exponentially. We regularly see Boone-and-Crockett sized moose wandering the haunts of Taylor Park. In 2016, Colorado Parks and Wildlife decided to give our area a couple of coveted shiras moose tags to be drawn by public hunters. Though any moose tag will likely take many years to draw, you always have a chance if you have at least 3 moose points going into the draw. If you have ever dreamed of a hunt for shiras moose, and are blessed to draw this coveted once-in-a-lifetime tag, then call AEI Outfitter for an adventure that you will remember forever. 

5-Day, 1x1 Guided Hunting Package

All guided Colorado Shiras Moose hunts are 5 full days and include a 6-day food and lodging package.

Call us today to learn more and for guided shiras moose hunt prices. 970-641-4708

*Prices do not include liscense fees or gratuity. 

*Gratuity is not mandatory but is an industry standard and MUCH appreciated! 

Recommended Gratuity - Guides: 5%-15% of Hunt Cost, Support Staff/Packout Crew: $25 p/p, Head Chef: $50-$75, Asst. Chef: $25-$50.

*All hunts require a deposit of 1/2 the total cost of the hunt unless reserving a hunt beyond the current year. All deposits for future hunts beyond the current upcoming year are 1/3 the total hunt cost.  The deposit is non-refundable unless extraneous circumstances are approved by outfitter or if the hunter does not draw the tag applied for.